For liability reasons, we can only provide that information to a Certified Marker Technician. Please consult your local Marker retailer.

We strongly recommend that you visit your local Marker retailer. They will help you find the right product based on your skiing ability, height, weight & age.

All warranty claims are handled by our retailers. Please take your equipment to your local Marker retailer, and they will determine if it is a warranty issue, and handle the return for you.

Please visit your local Marker retailer. If they don’t have the part that you need, they can get it for you.
Please use our Dealer Locator at the bottom of the page, you can search dealers by zip code.
Yes, please send a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope to: Marker-Volkl USA Attn: Stickers 112 Etna Rd. Lebanon, NH 03766

First contact your local retailer who should be able to answer all your questions about Marker products. You may use the Dealer Lookup at the bottom of the page to search City, State and Zip. If you still do not find what you’re looking for click here. For Canadian inquiries, please go to www.markercanada.com For all other countries, please visit the International site www.marker.de