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Project Description

LORD S.P. 14

Marker is the only binding company that offers a non-tourable binding that can accomodate BOTH alpine and AT boots safely. A unique pin system allows the toe to be set in either of two distinct positions, and then the fine adjustment can be made via the AFD height adjustment screw found on many of our other Royal Family models.

Art No. 7629N1.LN (90MM BRAKES), 7629N1.LW (110MM BRAKES)

Boot Sole CompatabilityISO 5355 (Alpine) & ISO 9523 (AT)
DIN Range5.0 – 14.0
Recom. Skier’s Weight130+ lbs.
Stand Height w/o Ski22 mm
Toe SystemTriple Pivot Elite w/ SP tech
Gliding AFDStainless Steel, Height Adjustable
Step-In HeelInter Pivot
Color CombinationsBlack – White – Teal
Weight (Pair)2370 g (90), 2400 g (110)
Icons_soleid Marker_TechIcon_TriplePivotEliteToe_neg1 Marker_TechIcon_MagnesiumParts_neg1 Marker_TechIcon_InterPivotHeel_neg1 Marker_TechIcon_AFD_plate_neg1