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Project Description

X-CELL 16.0

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With Excell technology and the Twincam X (TCX) heel design, the Marker Race Xcell 16 has established itself as the go-to binding for U14 and U16 racers needing the ultimate precision and power transmission.

Race Xcell Toe
•  Xcell Piston absorbs short, initial impacts
•  Boot stays centered
•  New horizontal spring orientation
•  Increased elasticity and retention
•  Incredible power transmission
•  Greater precision and control

Race Xcell Heel
•  Increased vertical energy absorption
•  16 mm elastic travel
•  Increased boot lug purchase
•  Wider heel connection
•  Greater power transmission

Art No. 6920Q1.WR (C1), 6920P1.TC (C2)

Boot Sole Compatability ISO 5355 (Alpine)
DIN Range 6.0 – 16.0
Recom. Skier’s Weight 130+ lbs.
Stand Height w/o Ski 16 mm
Toe System X-Cell Toe
Gliding AFD Stainless Steel
Step-In Heel Twin Cam X
Color Combinations White – Teal (C1)
White – Black – red (C2)
Weight (Pair) 2356 g